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Champagne Boble stopper

svart metall

Varenr:  LAT-095681-8
Ubekreftet 24.12.2021
BeskrivelseI SAMME SERIESupport

Metall Gard'Boble Stopper

Champagne og musserende vin boblestopper
Metal Gard' boblestopper. Effektiv, diskret og... Glitrende! For flasker med musserende vin.

Rist aldri flasken, pek aldri flasken mot ansikt eller annet verdifullt objekt. Original design.

: svart metall

L’Atelier du Vin has been creating exclusive wine tools since 1926.
Our family business has now become the oenology specialist, from cellar to table.
Our in house design studio and workshop design and produce new products for our catalogue as well as for special orders.

Our inspiration

- Winemakers
The work of the winemakers we work with on a regular basis is our primary source of inspiration. Sharing the zest for life – and the hardships of the profession – of the men and women cultivating the vine both fascinates and guides us.

- Wine: a lifestyle
With our offering we wish to participate in the contemporary pleasurable ritual of wine conservation, preparation and service. That of the knowledgeable discovery of good wines.

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